Renovation - Reconstruction

Renovation - Reconstruction

Building renovation or reconstruction is a great opportunity to improve your living quality in so many different ways. Well, a renovated building is a better place to live in for obvious reasons: better appearance, the more optimal energy solution which helps save money, and, of course, general living comfort. Actually, a renovated house is also a great investment, if you consider selling as an option.


Renovation is modernizing house elements within a structure, to meet latest functional and aesthetic requirements. Reconstruction, on the other hand, is a change of basic constructions.


“Aura Group” provides renovation and reconstruction services.


In construction business “renovation” and “reconstruction”, as concepts have a very different meaning. Yet, for “Aura Group” this difference is not so big. Regardless what you will choose, our team will start working from a blank page. It means – we clean the whole place, prepare it according to your project and realize your home vision.


Reconstruction takes a lot of time and careful, thorough work, so choose a service provider carefully. The main reason, why our clients consider our work worthwhile, is the fact that our employees actually love what they do. Sure, it sounds cheesy, but with love comes high quality product/service.


“Aura Group” will gladly take care of all building materials that will be needed. If customer requests, we can also provide parquet, windows, stairs, doors, ventilation systems for whole house and even furniture.

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