“Aura group” provides high quality projecting services. In 2014 we brought together well experienced designers, so we could take care of everything by ourselves, finish work faster and guarantee the quality of the finished project. Every individual house has a very different concept, but we have to agree on a few things: it has to apply to your personal appearance requirements, constructions must be designed professionally and energy-efficient systems should be used. What we do is – we take your concept and make it happen.


So what exactly “Aura Group” is offering?


Structural design (3D, BIM) of:

  • Steel construction
  • Reinforced concrete construction
  • Wooden construction
  • Building foundation


Building structural analysis and optimization;


Other analysis:

  • Calculations and optimization as FEM analysis (SCAD Office, Robot Millenium, Cosmos/M)
  • Static and Dynamic analysis
  • Seismic, Buckling analysis
  • Fire safety analysis


All services provided by “Aura Group” comply with the requirements of “Eurocode”. Trust – one of the biggest values in our work, so we are glad that companies, known worldwide, already entrusted the projecting work for us. We have collaborated with companies such as:


DNB – the largest financial services group in Norway, for main office in Oslo -partial design;

IKEA – for shopping area – partial design;

HÄRNEVISKOLAN school project in Sweden.

“Aura Group” will perform a projecting work of an individual house or cottage, commercial premises, office spaces, etc.

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