“Aura Group” provides professional constructing services. We love challenges, because they help us grow: every new house or cottage, commercial building, despite difficulties we face during construction, is also an opportunity to accomplish something, that’s never been done before. Construction services as construction engineering and inspections, materials testing and geotechnical engineering allows us to offer fully professional services.

We are offering modern and innovative perspective of the building which includes realization of your personal idea, integration of the latest structure technology and selection of optimal, energy saving solutions. We care about the environment this is why all building materials we use, are nature-friendly. “Aura Group” can guarantee strict service quality, also provides five year “after sales” service.

Our projects qualify with A, and A+ Class energy-efficient standards, and current IEC 2010 standard. “Sentral godkjenning” certificate, provided by the Norwegian government, grants us ability perform construction and reconstruction work of individual houses up to 3000 sq. To be exact, construction services provided by “Aura Group” are:


  • Demolition
  • Stonework
  • Projecting and safety analysis of the building
  • Projecting and construction of wooden structures


Currently we carrying out investment projects, building twin houses, cottages, as well as building and reconstructing the individual customer’s houses.

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