After Sales Service

After Sales Service

Have you ever found yourself walking around your house, thinking – few strikes of paint wouldn’t hurt these walls? Yes, buildings need to be fixed time after time, we all know that. Besides, you really don’t want to slip on that loose plank in terrace. The main reason, you are reading this right now is – fixing around the house is not your job. That’s our job – that is why “Aura Group” provides after-sales service.


The good thing about “Aura Group” after-sales service is that we provide it not only for projects we made ourselves. Every single problem in household can be solved by our team. You might be stuck in the bathroom with jammed door, even four years after the end of construction; you might notice a natural wear off on the walls, or that broken step might bother you for way too long. All you need to do is make a call.


Our biggest value is satisfied customer and we accomplish that by using high quality building materials, with professional work, and by showing that we do care about clients sincerely. “Aura Group” team takes full responsibility for all given services.


There is a chance that you will never need after-sales service for houses built by our team, but if you would – we will surely be there.

If you are facing some kind of problem in your household, please contact us by filling out the form below.

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