About us

“Aura Group” started as a simple story about father and son, searching for better life opportunities. A young, nineteen year old man joined his father in construction business and started to work for Norwegian building company. After only two projects boy was left alone to finish a house construction. With not so great working conditions and supervisor, running around, counting every step boy took, he completed the assignment. And you know what? This young man managed to do it without a single mistake. As the years passed by, he kept impressing colleagues and clients with unique knowledge, till one day some told him: Hey, you should do this on your own. Call it talent, or good genes, but that‘s how, in 2007 the „Aura Group AS“ was established.


Throughout the years with huge determination and investment of Norwegian business man, a small, one – man business grew into a solid company, which now holds 27 professional employees. Our main activities are projecting, engineering and constructing different types of buildings. We developed projects from very classical style, to modern constructions. “Aura group” is an environmentally friendly corporation which not only builds energy-efficient systems, but also puts a lot of effort to waste recycling.


For three consecutive years “Aura group” was nominated as Gazelle Company, for fast growth in the construction industry.


We believe that love for our work is the main force which helps us move forward. The Idea of putting a drawing into reality, the joy brought by our effort, the brighter future for those who will grow up, or grow old in the presence of these buildings, truly is the best reward.


There is always a choice, so choose an innovative way to build your future.